Digo Capsule


Digo Capsule  is A Unique And Synergistic Herbal Formulation For A Good Digestion And Helps To Counter Any Disturbance Of Digestive System.

Each Capsule Contains:

Avipattikar churma             130 mg
Sweritia Chirata                    1.5 mg
Emblica Officinalis              2.5 mg
Kamdudha ras                      35 mg
TerminaliaChebula             2.5 mg
Chandrakala                         30 mg


Digo capsule the Ayurvedic treatment of Hyper acidity is focused on pacifying the aggravated Pitta Dosha. Cleansing herbs are also administered to eliminate toxins from the body and cleanse the channels. This automatically enhances the digestive fire, leading to better digestion.

Digo Capsule balances Stomach Acid And Thereby Provides Quick Relief In Hyper acidity And Heartburn. It Soothes And Strengthens Stomach Lining And Protects It From Various Irritating Foods And Toxins. Helps In Stimulating Secretion Of Gastric Juices for Digestion Of Food.

Each Capsule Contains:

Avipattikar churma              130 mg
Sweritia Chirata                      1.5 mg
Emblica Officinalis                 2.5 mg
Kamdudha ras                         35 mg
TerminaliaChebula                2.5 mg
Chandrakala                            30 mg

    Long Lasting Relif From Hyper – Acidity & Indigestion


    Provides quick and effective relief
    Helps Nausea and Sour Belching
    Improves Digestion
    Cooling and Soothing
    Reduces Heartburn & GERD
    Pitta Pacifying
    1 – 2 Capsule twice a day 1 hour before meals or as per advised by the physician or vaidya


    Bottle of 40 Capsule


Side Effects:
Ayurvedic medicines are made from natural ingredients such as herbs hence are safe and well tolerated.

Dos and Don’ts:

  • Avoid tea, coffee, and carbonated or alcoholic beverages.
  • Avoid processed and fermented foods.
  • Avoid using garlic, ginger, onions, tomatoes, and vinegar in cooking.
  • Also avoid rich gravies, sour, salty, and spicy foods.
  • Curd should be strictly avoided at night.
  • Take meals in a relaxed atmosphere at regular intervals.
  • Practice Yoga and Pranayama

Individuals with a Pitta imbalance are susceptible to Hyper acidity, peptic ulcers, and some types of inflammatory disorders. Stress, anger, impatience, extra-hot spicy foods, and environmental factors such as extreme heat can aggravate Pitta. A few simple changes in lifestyle and diet can help bring Pitta into balance for smoother, more effective digestion and greater calm and contentment.


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